White Silver



Whiter Shade of Pale. Our classic white toothbrush is given a touch of opulence with silver accents. Crafted in collaboration with dental experts, this exceptional toothbrush guarantees a unique brushing experience. Its innovative cleaning surface, featuring efficient cross-furrowing and an asymmetrical bristle head made from plant-based filaments, ensures a brighter and healthier smile with every use.

Bristle type: medium, plant-based
Bristle diameter: 0.17 mm

Thanks to its patented silhouette and matte surface, the toothbrush fits comfortably in hand and uses 30% less material than conventional toothbrushes.

Enhance your daily routine with this meticulously crafted toothbrush, designed to improve both your oral health and overall well-being, all while enjoying the beauty it brings to your bathroom.

I'm officially a toothbrush snob now. – Kieran

My dentist recommended it, and I'm glad I listened. – Isla

It's become my go-to travel companion. – Jade

I didn't know I could get attached to a toothbrush, but here I am. – Emma

My friends actually asked me where I got my toothbrush. – Zack

I bought it on a whim, and now I'm a devoted fan. – Eddie



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