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Become an Apriori partner

Join our global network of distributors and retailers

Become an Apriori partner

Join our global network of distributors and retailers

Apriori is expanding its presence globally, and we are looking for passionate and committed partners to grow with us. Our award-winning, eco-luxury toothbrushes are designed not only to meet the highest standards of sustainability and quality but also to deliver a unique brushing experience to customers worldwide. By becoming an Apriori partner, you’ll be part of a brand that values excellence, design, and sustainability.

Apriori redefines oral care by seamlessly blending sustainability, efficiency, and elegance. Our toothbrushes are designed not only to enhance the daily ritual of oral hygiene but to do so with minimal environmental impact and maximum style. We are proud to announce that our dedication to innovation and design excellence has been recognised with the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Red Dot winner 2020

Key highlights

Eco-Luxury Design: Apriori toothbrushes are crafted for those who seek sustainable luxury. Our products feature 100% plant-based bristles and compostable packaging, ensuring a product that is as kind to the planet as it is to our users.

Innovative Performance: Developed in collaboration with dental professionals, our toothbrushes offer superior cleaning through efficient cross-furrowing and an asymmetrical bristle head designed to ensure a healthier, brighter smile.

Aesthetic Appeal: Elegant designs that attract discerning online and offline shoppers. Apriori is a Red Dot Award winner, highlighting our commitment to exceptional design and quality.

Prestigious Partnerships: We are proud to have our products stocked by the renowned John Bell & Croyden, Harvey Nichols, Galeries Lafayette, Hondos Center, Heinemann Duty Free, Debenhams and more known for their curated selection of luxury health and beauty products.

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If you share our passion for sustainability and luxury, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the cooperation form below with your business details, and our team will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

Advantages of Working with Apriori

Fast Order Delivery: We ensure timely and efficient delivery of all orders to keep your inventory stocked.

Versatile Retail Display Options: We offer a range of retail display solutions to fit various store layouts and enhance product visibility. View our Retail Display Menu.

Marketing Support: We provide all the necessary marketing materials to help you succeed. This includes access to hundreds of high-quality photos, videos, product details, and promotional content to effectively market the products in your region.

Social Media Flexibility: Partners are encouraged to create their own localized Instagram pages (e.g., AprioriNY, AprioriZurich) to better connect with customers and tailor the marketing efforts to their specific market. This autonomy is granted to ensure that partners can fully exploit their local knowledge while adhering to our brand guidelines.

Rapidly Growing Retail Footprint: Be part of our rapidly expanding retail footprint. Apriori is pioneering eco-luxury oral care, setting new standards in the industry and attracting a growing base of loyal customers.

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