Apriori gives 24% of profits to aid Ukraine with United24

Apriori has created toothbrushes in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The company will send 24% of profits to support Medical Aid with UNITED24, a global initiative launched by the President of Ukraine.

United24 logo

UNITED24 (u24.gov.ua) is a fundraising platform that gives the ability to make a one-click donation from any country in the world and receive a report on the raised funds. With UNITED24, the impact of each donation is quicker and bigger, as it goes directly where it is most critically needed without time lags, obstacles, and other barriers. UNITED24 distributes gifts in three directions: defending, aiding, and rebuilding Ukraine. Reporting on the funds raised is provided by the National Bank of Ukraine once every 24 hours. The assigned ministries provide reporting on the distribution of funds once a week.